Facebook removed data leak after four years

Software professionals by security firm Symantec data have discovered a leak on Facebook. This affects the release of certain data requests for Facebook applications. According to Symantec, had a third party - primarily Facebook's advertising clients - access to Facebook profiles, photos, and chats. They had messages on behalf of those affected can send even status.


Microsoft interested in Skype

In the IT industry forges appear in another billion dollar business. As the Wall Street Jounal "reported that wants the software company Microsoft's Internet telephony providers are Skype. The purchase price could be up to 8.5 billion dollars (5.7 billion euros), the American Journal. Both sides declined to comment until now. Microsoft is not the only one who is interested in Skype. Finally, it had also been reports of calls from Skype to Google and Facebook. Microsoft can use the Telephony service, among other things for his current ailing smartphone business well. With the currently booming smartphone, Microsoft was a pioneer - but was last suspended from Apple with its iPhone and Google's Android operating system.

Security issue in Skype confused Mac users

Since the beginning of April does Skype is a serious security problem in the Mac client of the popular messaging service. The Australian security expert Gordon Maddern from Pure Hacking had found a way by coincidence, a colleague from a distance to get to crash the client. In a blog entry of yesterday, he writes, he had a few days of research found a way, space access to the remote Mac to get through this and so to start a terminal session.


Identity theft with OpenID

Faulty implementations of OpenID Extension Attribute Exchange (AX) allow attackers against a foreign websites impersonate, warns the OpenID Foundation. Security researchers have discovered that some of OpenID participating websites did not verify whether the reported data is signed. Due to the lack of verification data, an attacker can freely manipulate. One specific attack scenario, called the Foundation is not.

U.S. government wants to make Firefox Add-on MafiaaFire disappear

The Mozilla Foundation has at present with an unusual request of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( Department of Homeland Security DHS) in this light. This requires the development community, the Firefox add-on MafiaaFire redirector the range of the official add-on removed from site. The browser plug-directs queries from specific domains to automatically alternate domains.

Injured during launch of the iPad 2 in China

The launch ended iPad 2 before the largest Apple Store in Beijing on Friday with a mass panic and several injuries. At least half a dozen people were injured in the Apple store from the shards of a glass door when it burst, told reporters. Four clients had come because of the serious injuries to hospital. The store was closed, the police investigate the operation.