Google vs. Oracle

At the initiative of Oracle's lawyers, the District Court of Maryland, the Apache Software Foundation requesting a subpoena for documents the process between Oracle and Google for the violation of Java provide patents and copyrights in Android. More specifically, to the use of code the Java implementation in Apache Harmony Android and the unsuccessful attempt by the ASF, and later from Sun Oracle on the Java SE Technology Compatibility Kit acceptable to license conditions to Harmony as a certified Java compatible to. The Apache Software Foundation wants the call to 13. May meet.
Oracle alleges that Google, with the Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM) in Android "Knowingly, directly and repeatedly the intellectual property of Oracle to hurt "have. Dalvik according to Google based on the open source Java Apache Harmony VM, not Oracle's Java implementation, the Apache Software Foundation is the not contradicted. Applications for the DVM is written in Java and compile in Java bytecode, then translated into a specific byte code for the DVM. After Google had rejected the allegations of Oracle, has the Database giant's allegations substantiated and now a first Point victory won in court. Little irony on the side: Java creator James Gosling has a job at Google, after just over a Year was eliminated at Oracle.


Anonymous said...

I know that Google will win this game.

Paulie Pecans said...

Google always wins.

Gaston said...

Stupid Oracle. Leave google ALONE!~ (crying face.. lol)