Injured during launch of the iPad 2 in China

The launch ended iPad 2 before the largest Apple Store in Beijing on Friday with a mass panic and several injuries. At least half a dozen people were injured in the Apple store from the shards of a glass door when it burst, told reporters. Four clients had come because of the serious injuries to hospital. The store was closed, the police investigate the operation.

According to reports the Apple Store in Beijing since the launch had been the iPad two besieged on Friday of about 1,000 customers, about 50 hired security personnel should maintain order. The glass door shattered, as the security personnel clashed with the waiting. Several customers had been pressed against the door when they broke.

In the clashes, it is the site 9to5Mac According to the white iPhone 4 to be gone too. Witnesses so remarkable is the glass door, according to retailers have been taken from the waiting, as the inlet that was denied. Then, a foreign employee of the Apple Stores with an iron bar set up and gone off to be the injured people have four. The news flow but suffer from the sometimes moderately translated reports, complains 9to5Mac.

According to Handelsblatt Store reach the Beijing Apple now closed on peak days, sales of the equivalent of 3 million U.S. dollars. He was the world's most profitable store of the company.


Gaston said...

wow, apple madness is spreading. This is cool and sad at the same time.

fit4life said...

wow.... people die and get injured over a freakin piece of technology.. sad.

ShadowPunk said...

Consumerism at its finest. People are bored.