WordPress patch protects against unauthorized publications

The WordPress development team has released version 3.1.2 of the blogging software published and fills a privilege escalation vulnerability in all previous versions, the user with restricted rights (Contributor status) own post in the blog can. Normally, the contributions of these groups only be activated by a user with elevated privileges. Moreover, the developer three more bugs fixed. One provides the call of the Blogs for a 404 error when a visitor several tags together combined. The developers recommend that the security update immediately einzuspielen.


Chopped 77 million customer accounts at Sony

Personally, I would probably have never noticed. But the fact is that the PlaystationNetwork is down now for a week already. All 77 million users are affected by one of the most spectacular data thefts in recent years. Virtually all personal data appear to have been sucked off by hackers. Sony can not even rule out that credit cardinformation are affected. It was hard to find the causes and possibilities of quick repair and have a reputable security company brought on board, Sony.Nevertheless, the PlayStation Network, along with Qriocity probably only in the course of next week and then only in part will be back in operation.

New Service "Pay via Amazon"

This is known from the U.S. and the UK Amazon Payments now  Germany as a "Pay on Amazon" started. About this payment  Service users can pay for the Web with their Amazon account. Amazon wants  so that customers and merchants secure and transparent transactions  . Offer But can not PayPal? Yes, this established service  Amazon Payments has with a direct competitor. Amazon dares  Thus, a new attack on PayPal's parent eBay, the long-term  Facebook also has before.


Borderlands 2 - Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford denies rumors

Gearbox chief Randy Pitchford dampens the hopes of the fans: Borderlands 2 iscurrently not an issue for the studio.

Fans of the comic book shooter Borderlands had been an official announcement  hoped the successor after the CV of the free graphic artist James Mosingo  first concrete information on Borderlands 2 had appeared. There were these individual  other things, created designs for the user interface of Borderlands 2 to  have.


LibreOffice Features

Source: libreoffice.org
LibreOffice is a comprehensive, professional-quality productivity suite that you can download and install for free. There is a large base of satisfied LibreOffice users worldwide, and it is available in more than 30 languages and for all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, Suse, ...).
You can download, install and distribute LibreOffice freely, with no fear of copyright infringement.

Libre Ofiice Beta 2

The Document Foundation has released the second beta of libre office 3.4. Up  for the second Planned for May release of version 3.4 of OpenOffice Forks to it  A third beta release candidates, and some give. The ChangeLog lists  recent corrections.


The history of Twitter

Twitter is a micro blogging service and social media service from the USA, designed by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams founded in March 2006. Twitter allows registered users own text messages with a maximum of 140 marks. These so-called tweets are displayed to the users that follow that user, so they have subscribed to their updates.


follow backs

I like to follow those who follow me. Just becourse I wanna know what those people are like who're following a nerd like me and my very bad english posts. BUT: if you dont have your blog url in your profile, how do you think i can find out your blogs url?
So buddys: when you dont wanna hide anything from me, put your url in your bloggers profile. Isnt that difficult, isnt it? AND: if you dont, i dont wanna hear any bullsh*t like "freezour promised but didnt follow back". OK?

Blog Directories !important

Hello bloggers! Here comes another magnificent tip from Bux 4 Tux. Want tips on how to increase traffic? Blog directories are the way to go.

Adding your blog to a blog directory such as bloghunt.info allows people to find your blog with ease, rather than using big search engines such as Google, it allows people to find blogs in relation to their interests.

How do you add your blog to blog hunt? Here is how:

Search your desired blog name on your search bar, then click the red link (red link indicates the page does not exist yet.

Then describe your blog, then you're done! But not yet. In order to allow your audience to find you, you need to add yourself to the category that you pertain to. This is done by writing this at the end of your page: [[category:yourcategory]]

Good luck everyone! See you tomorrow.

LibreOffice stays on course

In a blog post, Charles-H. Schulz, Steering Committee of the Foundation Document, points out that the Foundation has  further develop based on OpenOffice libre office as planned. This  The project responds to Oracle's announcement, not OpenOffice  marketing and commercial development to an independent  to give open-source project. Schulz stressed that with the help of  leading members of the OpenOffice community launched  Document Foundation already give such a body, which will at any time  was ready to accept new members. is via a web form  Incidentally, anyone interested its inclusion request.


How to use TOR

Anonymous Surfing works by TOR. That stands for "The Onion  Router "(or Tor's Onion Routing) and is structured as follows:  Normally, when browsing a direct link to the web server  (For example, one site) up. This web server then receives all  relevant information about the visitor such as IP address,  Browser version, country, etc. By means of cookies, etc. addition  showing which side of the visitors come. TOR prevents  this by creating an indirect link with other Tor users.  I.e. it will be randomly switched between other computers and the  Targeted Web server does not know that their access to him.


Security Report: OpenOffice or Microsoft Office?

The number of errors and exploitable vulnerabilities in the individual  Microsoft Office versions has dramatically in recent years  taken off and is even below that of OpenOffice. This is the result  are independent of the security specialist Dan Kaminsky and  Will Dormann of CERT at Carnegie Mellon University came. The  Results are, however, with a little caution to enjoy being on  automatic evaluation susceptible of concrete slightly above the  Potential threat to testify.

Both studies used for their fuzzing tools to more  to create ten thousand bad doc files, they in the Office  To download products and the reaction with the Microsoft tool "! exploitable  Crash Analyzer to evaluate. "Kaminsky Dormann and were finally  Number of crashes and the Crash Analyzer as weaknesses  classified errors exploited for attacks, or suspected  can be exploited. The tool takes this view, however,  automatically before.

The number of exploitable vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Office suite has  declined considerably from 2003.  Image: Dan Kaminsky Dormann has Office XP Office 2003 and 2007  up to Office 2010 registered a steady decline of the crashes. In addition,  the number of exploitable vulnerabilities decreased from seven to zero  continuously. When he compared only the OpenOffice versions 3.2.1 and  3:30 RC7, with the number of crashes and exploitable bug (from 18 to  15) within the product but declined to but still significantly  was higher than those of Microsoft Office.

Kaminsky is with his attempts to drastic statements: while  Office 2003 still has 127 (potentially) exploitable vulnerabilities, bagged  the number for Office 2007 from Office 2010 to 12 and at 7. In  Comparison showed that in 2003, available OpenOffice version  (Version 1.1) 73 vulnerability, which in 2007 62 and 2010  20 fell.

Kaminsky and Dormann, conduct themselves in interpreting the results  back. From the perspective of Kaminsky, the situation has improved.  What is the reason, can open both. With Microsoft expected  the introduction of the Software Development Lifecycle an essential  Role as the manufacturer in this particular context and processes  has tools to increase the safety of its established products.

However one can not overstate the results. On the one  they seem to vary so greatly, and similar tests for other  Microsoft's products are still more in the focus of attackers  as OpenOffice. Thus, the risk of infection is even less  Weak points higher. That may change, however, soon, when the  Support for Office XP runs (12 July 2011) and enterprises and  Users to newer versions of Office switch. It tries to  others, the "Office File Validation" prepared to load files  . Prevent The function is available for the last Patch Tuesday and Office  2003 and 2007.

What are Wall Tattoos?

For all who do not know yet, wall tattoos are absolutely the trend  in the home decoration,  nothing is cooler than its four walls with chic wall Tattoos  decorate, actually there are no limits. From dandelions to  to famous quotes from the sections on a broad spectrum, even the  Christmas Fans are supplied, the same goes for the great colors and  Size selection.


Thunderbird, my favorite Mail Client

The Mozilla Thunderbird Mailer 2 was getting on in years. Version 3 of the client  convinced now with more performance, new search, tab order, and many  small improvements. The change is worth it.  

The new "Content Browsing" opens applications like Google within Wave  Thunderbird shows a Table After installing the new Firefox 3,  the surface compared to its predecessor, little changed. Only the tab bar  is immediately apparent: The mailer shall now like his brother Firefox browser for example when  Open an email or search results tabs on rather than building a new  open window.  

Thoughts about Gnome 3

Visually and technically, the third Gnome is a huge step forward: animations, elegance - and a new concept that no longer come from the 90's or to be copied of Windows or Mac seems. The crux of it: exactly those changes are also the biggest problems.

Some trip i made to the german island baltrum

For this day we had planned something special: We wanted one of the East Frisian Islands on foot - Baltrum.
Clock at 9:00, we gathered with 500 other intrepid hikers felt at the port of Neßmersiel.Each group has its own tour guides - our name was John and made a very sympathetic and, above all, trustworthy impression.
Once reviewed our Johann, whether everyone has the right footwear was on the move - some fell through immediately, as he looked with a glance that the shoes would start their own if something deeper is sinking in the mud - that shoe exchange, but he had a lot of really good walking shoes here that you could borrow for 3 €.
Then it went off. From the mainland looked like the track a short distance, we were surprised that it took at least two hours to "over there" arrived.
We go step-sparkled and we could have imagined a short time that it would be tedious. The direct way to simply go out - that's not possible! John told us that a lot of shoals and tidal channels cross our path through which one could thus not easily pass.
On the way we learned many a facts about the creatures living in the mud.
After about 1.5 hours, we noticed the hike even in the legs and were glad when Baltrum was coming closer.
Until we finally arrived, however, it should be approximately 45 minutes, some sand banks and waterways.
Losspaziert the way we were in bright sunshine when we arrived on the island it was now based entirely and began to rain. The island seemed deserted. ... Still in the mud a true migration was seen, arrived, all were gone in their loopholes.
We did it, what is now on our travels is already mandatory - test for the next Italian and the pizza / pasta. The food and the ambience was rather mediocre.
Fortunately, you can count on one of the East Frisian islands - that you can rely on the terms of the weather on anything.
Just whipping wind and rain over us - a short time later radiated by the sun meet again and we could start exploring the island and take a nice walk along the beach.
The return trip, we were then in the late afternoon, however, with the ferry. You can even walk there and back, but for the first time we wanted to leave it in the Hintour.Too much movement on a day must indeed not be one.From the ferry we could see the seal colonies before Norderney!
Our rating:The hike was a highlight and highly recommended! The knowledgeable guide, we have taken a lot of information and see the Wadden Sea, perhaps even with a very different view.There is no star deduction is for the island itself, which we felt was not quite as beautiful as, for example, or Langeoog Wangerooge where one still has two more shops, in which one can get lost at times not so good weather.

OpenOffice.org withou Oracle

Oracle only scared away many developers of OpenOffice project, now comes theturnaround. In a brief announcement, the company announced to want no commercialversion of office software to offer more. Also OpenOffice should be a completelycommunity-managed open-source project. The company operates "in the short termwith members of the community to ensure the continued success of OpenOffice."

Since there is a broad interest in a free office software, OpenOffice.org is bestmaintained by an organization that support this large audience on a non-commercialbasis. It remains to whether Oracle will continue to invest in the development of OpenOffice. The Communication states only that they wanted "the dissemination of open, standardized document formats like Open Document Format support. In addition, the text refers to the "long history" Oracle in the development of open source products, which were strategically important for its customers.

It is also unclear whether Oracle will go to the Document Foundation. This groupgrew out of the OpenOffice developer community in September 2010 and has since worked at the fork libre office ". On the Future of Cloud announced in Decemberversion of OpenOffice, there is also no information

Piwik 1.3 Quick and flexible analysis

Only about six weeks after the last major release of the Piwik developer version 1.3 of the free website tracking system have published. The main change is an indication of freely definable evaluation periods - up to now were just statistics to be specifiedperiods available. In addition, the live widget for (nearly) optimized real-time monitoring of site visitors, so now also busy sites can be observed in real time.

Other changes from the previous version are an improved user-tracking, it can be for example a Forum ID outside of the forum in the form of Visitor ID and so carry noticehas visited which pages a particular user. Prerequisite for this is a consent, since inthis case would be undermined by German law required anonymity. Goals alsotracking can now be triggered repeatedly by the same user, and the title of a page canbe defined also as a Goal.

Piwik 1.3 is a zip archive for download and installation will be extracted in only oneaccessible from the outside of the Web server. If you have already installed an olderversion of Piwik, and provide web tracking tool write access to its installation directorycan also use the one-click update in the web frontend. However, the changes to theMySQL database from Piwik are very large, so the developers recommend for busysites, perform the necessary conversion of the update script on the command line