OpenOffice.org withou Oracle

Oracle only scared away many developers of OpenOffice project, now comes theturnaround. In a brief announcement, the company announced to want no commercialversion of office software to offer more. Also OpenOffice should be a completelycommunity-managed open-source project. The company operates "in the short termwith members of the community to ensure the continued success of OpenOffice."

Since there is a broad interest in a free office software, OpenOffice.org is bestmaintained by an organization that support this large audience on a non-commercialbasis. It remains to whether Oracle will continue to invest in the development of OpenOffice. The Communication states only that they wanted "the dissemination of open, standardized document formats like Open Document Format support. In addition, the text refers to the "long history" Oracle in the development of open source products, which were strategically important for its customers.

It is also unclear whether Oracle will go to the Document Foundation. This groupgrew out of the OpenOffice developer community in September 2010 and has since worked at the fork libre office ". On the Future of Cloud announced in Decemberversion of OpenOffice, there is also no information

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ever tried office 1note? its a brilliant piece of software