New Service "Pay via Amazon"

This is known from the U.S. and the UK Amazon Payments now  Germany as a "Pay on Amazon" started. About this payment  Service users can pay for the Web with their Amazon account. Amazon wants  so that customers and merchants secure and transparent transactions  . Offer But can not PayPal? Yes, this established service  Amazon Payments has with a direct competitor. Amazon dares  Thus, a new attack on PayPal's parent eBay, the long-term  Facebook also has before.
How does "Pay via Amazon"?

Who is familiar with PayPal, will be at "Pay via Amazon" fast  find their way - both as a customer and as a shop owner. Who  not yet, is fast access to the so-called Amazon Payments  . See

Online stores that use payment solution of Amazon as a payment method   can offer their customers against accidents and payment defaults  To protect by paying Amazon a commission per transaction. The  is the same height as at PayPal, ie 35 Euro cents plus 1.9  Percent of sales. Dealers can find the Amazon  Warranty provided with the "in-line integration of Payments  work, the customers until the transaction fully completed  through the store checkout. For Amazon Payments calls the stored  Customer information and payment options from the Amazon account without the customer  derive from the online store to have.

The data therefore always remain at the Amazon, customers do not need to apply for  paying a sign shop, if they have an Amazon account  . Have The shop owner has for advantages and disadvantages: the fast  Transaction makes shopping attractive and fast, but it is  also make it difficult to attract repeat customers. But worth it  probably from Amazon, even if the mail order company with a customer base  has several million. "Pay via Amazon" with allowed  Shop operators hope eventually to the confidence of customers, with  The name Amazon is linked by many.

"Pay via Amazon" with the same offer

With an identical pay and the same pricing model occurs Amazon  So the fight against the competition on - but with a closed visor,  But at full gallop. Updraft are also an estimated 130  give million Amazon customers who use the service can already.  On the other hand: So far in Germany are still very little reference Shops  stated, "Pay via Amazon" who as a variant on offer. The  still has to change, will the leading social commerce mail order of  World, in the payment solution, the competition come from the throne.

Now it just is excited to wait on Facebook, will eventually  the F-commerce long predicted a rosy future. And  Of course, the empire already Zuckerbergsche Facebook Payments  a possible competitor to register.

What do you think of Amazon Payments? Do you use payment services like PayPal  regularly?


SpeedNSave said...

This is a great idea, paypal need some competition. They are currently a monopoly

fit4life said...

i would stick with paypal, its super secure

Pony said...

I dislike paypal, wouldn't mind something new