Thunderbird, my favorite Mail Client

The Mozilla Thunderbird Mailer 2 was getting on in years. Version 3 of the client  convinced now with more performance, new search, tab order, and many  small improvements. The change is worth it.  

The new "Content Browsing" opens applications like Google within Wave  Thunderbird shows a Table After installing the new Firefox 3,  the surface compared to its predecessor, little changed. Only the tab bar  is immediately apparent: The mailer shall now like his brother Firefox browser for example when  Open an email or search results tabs on rather than building a new  open window.  

The added bonus: it also represents Tabs Web applications (content browsing). So  Thunderbird can be downright a communications center with their own tabs for  Twitter, Facebook or Google expand Wave. A so-called Content Tab  set up, you have to in the error console (Tools menu) the following code  enter (all on one line):  

New indexing
Firefox 3 hangs after installing an index to the existing mail portfolio  at. A separate group in the Mozilla team had a long talk with the development of this  new index and search system employed. The result was "Gloda", ie the  "Thunderbird Global Database. With tens of thousands of emails, the first  Indexing ever take several hours. Meanwhile, the response  Program sometimes delayed, but the effort makes the latest, paid when  The first time you use the new search functions.  

The mailer thinned if required even on account of the entire border  Mail-in hand, and at high rates. The findings were presented in a clear  in a new tab where the user will then find the Directory and cracks  the mail, and a timeline on the frequency of hits. The results can  continue to filter, such as by folder, sender or finds with or without attachments.  As before, one can as usual the current folder incrementally filter.  

On the whole, Thunderbird now better for handling large mail archives, and many  Accounts prepared. The mailer holds multiple accounts to a certain folder  View together. So now there is only one Inbox, in the Inbox  Contents of all accounts be included, provided that the view option "grouped"  or is "smart folders" enabled. In a new folder named group  "Archive" the user can currently accommodate unnecessary emails long term.  Pressing the button "A" is enough to move a message there.  

Functions that affect only the mail in the preview screen (such as answers  or forward), Thunderbird will now no longer in the toolbar, but  directly in the preview window. This confused while the transfer passengers at first appear  but quite logical. a contact in Address Book already exists, shows  Thunderbird, a yellow star next to the sender address. A white star  indicates that you can record the sender with one click.  

The revised add-on manager contains a search and direct links to  Extensions. Added also the "Activity Manager".
Thunderbird 3 
there in a kind of a treated log of his communications with the  Remote sites. Fails as the collection of mail, can take a look at the  Operations manager to help solve the problem.  

Over-cautious  Also under the hood, the Mozilla developer community their strong Mailer  tuned. The Gecko rendering engine is faster in version to work as the  older of the predecessor. For IMAP accounts, Thunderbird will now load in prefetching style  Messages in the background down and not just when they appear  should. This behavior can be global or per folder off again.  

In the security settings in the default Thunderbird is too far. In  the account settings, it activates the sender authentication (SMTP-Auth,  "Username and password to use"). Many mail server administrators, the  are already on a TLS-secured connection, have this kind of  Authentication, but stopped.  

The result is that the mail server is blocking attempts by posting Thunderbird third  If upgrading from Firefox 2 SMTP-Auth did not use, they now face  cryptic error messages. It suffices, however, the hook "secure authentication"  click away in the server settings. The same applies to the  Authenticate to POP3.  

Also in the same cause IMAP ensures that Thunderbird at registration  fails, however, the mailer is from here at all, no error message, the  could provide a clue to the cause. After deleting the  personal name space for IMAP (menu "Tools \ Account Settings," item  "Server Settings", "Advanced" button) and restart delivered  Thunderbird 3, the expected and correct error message that the server  secure authentication is not used. After switching off the latter  Option and then worked another restart Thunderbird 3 as  expected.


Eric Peterman said...

im not sure how i feel about thunderbird, ive tried it a few times but maybe im just not good with change haha

Splattercore said...

I'm still a gmail newb, gotta get a mail client working soon though.

Jackal_Splicer said...

Sounds a little buggy. Just give em time.

Christian Spin! said...

interesting read! check mine out, if you've got the time!

psychologypost said...

give them time to work out shit, mozilla doesn't dissapoint

Butcher Bradley said...

Haven't tried it, nice post though!

KungPao said...

love mozilla products!

Triper said...

You got totally right! it's better then other clients.

biboa said...

i'm happy without a mail client, but if i was about to have one, it's gonna be thunderbird

Keine Scheisse said...

I also use Thunderbird. It's confortable to manage all e-mail accounts so easily