Some trip i made to the german island baltrum

For this day we had planned something special: We wanted one of the East Frisian Islands on foot - Baltrum.
Clock at 9:00, we gathered with 500 other intrepid hikers felt at the port of NeƟmersiel.Each group has its own tour guides - our name was John and made a very sympathetic and, above all, trustworthy impression.
Once reviewed our Johann, whether everyone has the right footwear was on the move - some fell through immediately, as he looked with a glance that the shoes would start their own if something deeper is sinking in the mud - that shoe exchange, but he had a lot of really good walking shoes here that you could borrow for 3 €.
Then it went off. From the mainland looked like the track a short distance, we were surprised that it took at least two hours to "over there" arrived.
We go step-sparkled and we could have imagined a short time that it would be tedious. The direct way to simply go out - that's not possible! John told us that a lot of shoals and tidal channels cross our path through which one could thus not easily pass.
On the way we learned many a facts about the creatures living in the mud.
After about 1.5 hours, we noticed the hike even in the legs and were glad when Baltrum was coming closer.
Until we finally arrived, however, it should be approximately 45 minutes, some sand banks and waterways.
Losspaziert the way we were in bright sunshine when we arrived on the island it was now based entirely and began to rain. The island seemed deserted. ... Still in the mud a true migration was seen, arrived, all were gone in their loopholes.
We did it, what is now on our travels is already mandatory - test for the next Italian and the pizza / pasta. The food and the ambience was rather mediocre.
Fortunately, you can count on one of the East Frisian islands - that you can rely on the terms of the weather on anything.
Just whipping wind and rain over us - a short time later radiated by the sun meet again and we could start exploring the island and take a nice walk along the beach.
The return trip, we were then in the late afternoon, however, with the ferry. You can even walk there and back, but for the first time we wanted to leave it in the Hintour.Too much movement on a day must indeed not be one.From the ferry we could see the seal colonies before Norderney!
Our rating:The hike was a highlight and highly recommended! The knowledgeable guide, we have taken a lot of information and see the Wadden Sea, perhaps even with a very different view.There is no star deduction is for the island itself, which we felt was not quite as beautiful as, for example, or Langeoog Wangerooge where one still has two more shops, in which one can get lost at times not so good weather.


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Sounds fun.

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I want to travel more :(