Libre Ofiice Beta 2

The Document Foundation has released the second beta of libre office 3.4. Up  for the second Planned for May release of version 3.4 of OpenOffice Forks to it  A third beta release candidates, and some give. The ChangeLog lists  recent corrections.

In a post on the official blog was Steering Committee member Florian  Effenberger recently an overview of some of the latest developments in  to the further steps to formally establishing the Foundation Document. Therefore  Does the organization that accepts new members recently, on to the  Establishment of a Association Foundation under German law. He should  form the backbone of the Foundation, but must before the creation of some  English statutes originally adapted and solved other problems  be.


fit4life said...

sounds interesting, what sort of features does it have?

*freezour said...

see my new post, think that will answer your question ;-)
Thanks for commenting anyway!

Keine Scheisse said...

It's always nice to have free software alternative that works as well (or even better, because MS Office compatibility problems really s**k) as paid software